Stress: short and long term consequences on the body

Daily stress that lasts over time can lead to cardiac, dermatological problems or increase the risk of chronic diseases.


How does stress affect the body?


Stress is inevitable for everyone. True natural reaction of the body, it can harm the psychological and physical balance.


In the face of unforeseen events or major changes, InventHelp Facebook stress helps us to become aware of a danger that threatens us. Even if these fears is irrational or imaginary like innovation of new product or protect your patent, the triggered stress causes certain bodily reactions that last from a few minutes to several days or weeks:


Sleep and appetite disorders




Muscle contractions, especially in the neck or back

Decreased libido

Memory impairment

Trouble concentrating.

How to explain these symptoms?


The body is programmed to react in two ways when it faces a stressful situation: fight or flee. This archaic response can be explained by our prehistoric past and the hostile environment in which we have lived for thousands of years.


Our autonomic nervous system allows hormones to respond in the short term by triggering. This is independent of any voluntary control. Adrenaline (produced by the adrenal gland above the kidneys) plays a big role in acute stress.

She allows to:


Reduce blood sugar to use all the energy you need

Send the blood into the muscles to be ready to run or fight

Maintain an attitude of hyper-vigilance at the slightest stimuli.

Thanks to this new idea of adrenaline rush, the body is able to increase its mental and physical strength tenfold. Nevertheless, it is a very costly state of functioning from an energy point of view which exhausts in the long run.




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